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Minecraft Image Bot

Convert any image into a Minecraft image!

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Convert any image into a Minecraft image!
This Discord bot will transform any image into an image made completely out of Minecraft blocks.
Supported image types: .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.
Minecraft Image Bot is currently in 12,796 servers.

NEW! Use /generate [ID] to get a datapack that will generate the image within Minecraft!
With this command you will be able to see the image in your own Minecraft world!

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Use the slider to see what our bot can do to a picture!
On the right is the original and the left is the finished product.

Commands image


/img file [low | average | high] [width] [height] (Convert image file to MC image)
/img url [low | average | high] [width] [height] (Convert image url to MC image)
/generate [ID] (Generate a datapack to load your image in Minecraft)
/download [ID] (Download the image from a third-party website for better definition)
/remove [ID] (Remove image)
/help (This will display how to use the bot)